Sunday, October 17, 2010

Drinking Makes Me Hungry

Today was a quintessential autumn day. The air was chilly, the sun was shining, and the trees were dappled in copper and gold. This was a day for wine tasting, so I called a friend and we headed out to the vineyard. Beautiful scenery and free wine... not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon. As we bellied up to the bar, we were greeted with a selection sheet and told to choose seven varieties to sample. Sweet, dry and fruity were all in attendance. The dark horse of the day was the black currant dessert wine which had a perfect balance of sweet and tart. As it was floating across my tongue, all I could think about was chocolate - deep, dark chocolate - and what a perfect match it would be to this wine. I knew right then that a dense, decadent, flourless chocolate cake was on the horizon. Yep, today was pretty much a perfect day.


  1. What a great way to spend the day, and the cake looks delish!

  2. Looks fabulous! What would we do without wine?! :p