Sunday, March 7, 2010

Operation: Lobster Bisque

As a stylist, I spend most of my time "in the trenches". When I am not covered in prop room dust or schlepping merchandise from one place to another, I am up to my elbows in food and probably wearing some as well. It is not a glamorous job but it does have it's perks. Case in point, I left work on Friday with two delicious lobster tails. These are the spoils of war, so to speak. I decided to stretch my decadent treat a little further by making soup. I started by sweating chopped red onion in olive oil and butter, then tossed in some carrots and green peppers. Once the vegetables were slightly softened, I sprinkled in a tablespoon of flour and added a can of coconut milk. Stirring in a healthy dose of red curry paste, I waited for the liquid to thicken. Using a blender, I pureed the soup to a smooth texture and finished with chunks of steamed lobster and fresh lime zest. The buttery lobster and the spicy broth were a perfect match. The fresh citrus added some much needed brightness and really took it over the top in the flavor department. Somewhere between a curry and a bisque, this soup was thick and velvety and packed a mouthful of flavor. I actually licked the bowl clean! So tonight I can relax with my full belly. Tomorrow, it's back to the trenches.


  1. Mmm, two of my favorite things together! Lobster and curry? I can just taste this through my computer screen!

  2. Really do wish I was there to taste your latest creation, sounds sooo good, you know my favorite food is lobster, yum.