Sunday, March 28, 2010

Cake and Coffee Bon Bons

Here's a question for you... what do you do with leftover cake? LEFTOVER cake???! I know, it seems unlikely that you would ever find yourself in a situation where you had too much cake but low and behold, that is exactly where I found myself today. On my docket this weekend was a skateboard shaped birthday cake. Since I don't have a pan shaped like a skateboard, I carved the form by hand which means one thing - cake scraps. Being the worry wart that I am, I also baked an extra round just in case the Bumpus hounds came romping through the kitchen. Needless to say, I was left with a mountain of chocolate cake to deal with. I had to do something with all the shrapnel so I decided to make some Bakerella inspired bon bons. If you haven't seen Bakerella's website, please click here to see her work - absolutely the cutest little treats on earth. I employed her patented method of mixing cake crumbs with icing to form a gooey concoction that is formed into balls. The icing I used was a combination of brewed coffee and confectioner's sugar. (delicious) After firming up in the freezer, the cake balls were ready to be coated in dark chocolate and adorned with a single m&m. Layers of chocolate with a hint of coffee on this inside, what could be more divine? I can hear it now... somewhere my brother is sarcastically mumbling that it must be nice to "sit around eating bon bons all day". Oh well, sometimes you have to treat yourself to a little luxury.

*Thanks to Bakerella for being a constant source of inspiration.


  1. I love that you referenced the Bumpus hounds:) And again, I ask you....who has leftover cake?!??!

  2. As usual, sounds super yummy. I look forward to your weekly posts, keep um coming!