Monday, August 17, 2009

Tomato Epiphany

Tomatoes have never been on my favorite food list...until now.  I  just discovered the sweet and delectable yellow pear tomato.  I always knew they were a wonderfully bright prop food that added a nice punch of color to a salad, pizza, or pasta but never had the urge to actually eat one.  In my mind, they were exactly like the tasteless red globes from the grocery store...good for color, not for consumption.  Well, I was wrong.  These tiny drops of gold are super sweet and insanely delicious.  This makes me wonder, should I give all my food enemies a second chance?  Perhaps brussel sprouts are not the foul little creatures I imagine in my head.  Right now I will focus on the tomatoes.  One food revelation at a time.

1 comment:

  1. Hey Emily, Katherine sent me your blog the other day. I'm very impressed! Well, I guess impressed implies that I was suprised. Obviously, I think you have amazing talent, are artistically gifted and look forward trying some of your culinary creations.

    I'm amazed that you hadn't tried the yellow teardrop toms...they're fantastic! I might suggest the teeny-tiny grape tomatoes as they pack a big punch for such a tiny package! Or at the very least grow a tomato plant in your back yard - it will be the best tasting tomato you'll ever have!

    Hope all is well in St. Joseph and tell that rotten husband of yours I say "hi!" - Steve