Thursday, August 13, 2009

Smitten with Blueberries

Ever since I moved to Michigan three years ago, I have become an absolute blueberry addict. Much like Georgia lays claim to the best peaches, Michigan wins the prize for best blueberries, hands down. In an effort to enjoy every last shred of summer, I have vowed to try more recipes that truly showcase the season's splendor. Today's exploration was blueberry buttermilk cake. The recipe came from and originally included raspberries but I made a substitution to accommodate the wealth of blueberries in my fridge. Before baking, the top of the cake gets dusted with a layer of sugar which forms a gentle little crust on this delightful treat. The fluffy cake and the pockets of warm fruit are the perfect partnership. Kudos to Smitten Kitchen, this recipe is versatile, quick, and absolutely delicious.

*SIDENOTE TO STYLISTS: This recipe is an easy go-to cake when you need a delicious looking dessert for a shot. Start to finish, this cake only takes about half an hour.

photography by Nathan B. Harrmann © 2009

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