Saturday, February 26, 2011

Less Meat, More Veggies

I introduced "Meatless Mondays" to my dinner routine about a month ago as a way to challenge myself to try new recipes and new ingredients. It has since become an obsession and is no longer limited to Mondays. I should stipulate that my husband is still a rampant carnivore so I have been making my meatless dishes for one, therefore, recipe calculation is a little sketchy and I apologize for the lack of a quantitative recipe here. I am literally throwing things together off to the side while the meat sears and caramelizes... taunting me with it's delicious smell. Nevertheless, I have become quite a fan of my veggie concoctions and I am happy to be branching out. Today's lunch was a mixture of quinoa, tart apples, green onions, chopped almonds, garlic, and cilantro tossed in a dressing made from coconut milk, lime juice, curry powder, salt and a little canola oil. It was a flavorful, fresh tasting salad that was a perfect afternoon meal on it's own... and was even more delicious as a dinner served next to some spicy grilled shrimp. I can't quit you, meat. I can't.


  1. Looks like heaven!

  2. I love the sound of the fresh apple with the spicy coconut dressing. You are a natural at this veggie business, come over to our side!!

  3. Very wholesome and healthful looking meal!

  4. I am not quitting meat either, but it is great to have a break from it-something lighter ;) I love this recipe! I will have to make this for lunch today because I have a leftover avocado that needs to be used!

  5. This sounds so amazing I would think about meatless monday with something like this. I am looking for more ways to incorporate Quinoa in my diet since it is a super grain.

  6. Looks really good. Best of luck as you extend the Meatless Mondays in your household.

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  7. APPLES! That is just the inspiration I needed. Apples and quinoa. What a wonderful combination. Why did I never think of this? It sounds absolutely wonderful. Can't wait to try it! Thanks for inspiring me.

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