Sunday, November 14, 2010

The Week of the Carrot

It all started when my co-worker told me about his chilled carrot soup with coconut foam. My interest was instantly piqued and I quickly became obsessed with the idea of making my own carrot soup. During the course of that same week, two other co-workers came forth with their recipes and thus the week of the carrot was born. There was no question that my Sunday post was unfolding before my eyes. My adaptation was warm and involved pureed celery root, red curry paste, coconut milk, lime zest, and cilantro. The taste was delectably sweet and the texture... velvety smooth. Thick like bisque and full of flavorful heat, it was the perfect lunch on a chilly afternoon. Carrots - not just for rabbits anymore.


  1. Sounds very interesting, never had carrot soup but I think, after reading your Blog and seeing your wonderful photos, I'll give it a try!

  2. This is the first time I have ever heard of carrot soup but it sounds and looks delicious!

  3. Emily, firstly you are officially not only a supremely talented food stylist, but you have a complete understanding of the nuances of flavor profiles! Red Curry is a perfect compliment to the natural sweetness of the carrot. Brilliant! The foam idea is very cool, and after infusing a creme fraich with fresh dill for a carrot soup in the past, I truly think the curry is a perfect compliment. I can hardly wait until you take the plunge into the back of the house, as you have a true passion for the Culinary Arts. Chef Stott over and out!