Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Final Act of Gluttony

Still nursing the side effects of my holiday food coma, I woke up this morning with a serious hankering for something savory. I stumbled to the fridge and found a ziplok full of leftover garlic mashed potatoes, half a red onion, a bag of spinach and the last swig of orange juice that didn't make it into the mimosas. Mmmmm... breakfast.
I scooped the mashed potatoes into a hot skillet with some butter and created a crispy potato cake (a Thanksgiving leftover trick I learned from my mom). I topped my crunchy little cake with wilted spinach and red onions that I sauteed in the o.j. With a quick sprinkle of salt, this breakfast was the perfect finale to a long weekend of gluttony. Goodbye, indulgent holiday... hello, daily workouts.


  1. Sounds like another tasty treat.

  2. I think You're awesome. Week after flippin' week...

  3. (Flippin': pancake reference. Get it?)