Sunday, August 22, 2010

A Chef in the Making

When your grandfather is a cooking fanatic, your father is a chili cook-off champion, and your aunt is a food stylist, you have a pretty good chance of becoming a "foodie". This is the story of my 12 year old nephew, Cole. As with most families, culinary traditions run deep in our house. Dad has his famous spaghetti and meatballs, my brother is creating a dynasty at the local chili cook-off, my mom makes a mean crab dip and now Cole has created his signature scrambled eggs. I have seen this kid artfully plate his food, create his own spice concoctions, and study the culinary trends of Native Americans. He recently emailed me his very own scrambled egg recipe and asked if I could incorporate it into my blog. Today is his birthday, so this one is for Cole. Being the stylist that I am, I had to come up with a unique way to present his scrumptious recipe so I carved out one of my garden tomatoes and stuffed it with the eggs. Topped with freshly grated parmesan and a sprig of basil, this was one delicious dinner. Who knows what he will come up with next... you have to give credit to a kid who works on recipes at the age of 12!

Happy Birthday, Cole.
Love, Aunt Mimi.

Cole's Favorite Eggs (yields one serving)
2 eggs
2 tablespoons of milk
2 tablespoons of your favorite shredded cheese (I chose parmesan)
pinch of salt and pepper
splash of hot sauce


  1. Looks and sounds pretty tasty. What a fun
    family you have. A nice lite dinner on a
    hot evening or super Brunch with the girls.

  2. Love It! As a fellow lover of good eggs I will be trying this one today for breakfast (minus the tomato)....Happy Birthday Cole!

  3. I think you may have a prodigy on your hands! The sense of balance and proportion in that list of ingredients is amazing in a 12-year old! Reminds me of myself, in fact... ;)

  4. How wonderful to be able to do this at such a young age. Good for Cole. Happy Birthday Cole. Keep it up!

  5. So sweet! Love how he includes some hot sauce in his recipe. Happy birthday Cole and congrats on your first blog post contribution at age 12!