Sunday, July 26, 2009

Deliciously Askew

Oh sweet imperfection. When you spend 10 hours a day consumed by the minutia of everything, it is a wonderful respite to enjoy the beauty in things that have not been fussed over.  When it comes to food at home, I don't care if every morsel is in an aesthetically pleasing place, I just want it to be delicious.  I want it to wrap me up in warmth and say "welcome home."  This muffin, made for me by a friend, is the epitome of homemade splendor.  Good old fashioned comfort food.  No one spent hours placing each chuck of chocolate into position or painstakingly perfected the golden brown hue on the top.  The muffin was just born beautiful.  The chips are perched on top in a wonderfully random order and have a glorious glisten from the heat of the day.  What could be better than coming home to find one of these little beauties waiting for you?  (finding 12!)

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