Friday, September 4, 2009

Conveniently Delicious

After 11 straight days
of working (5 of which were on
location in the rain) all I wanted this morning was a tall cup of coffee, a delicious muffin, and some relaxation. Mission accomplished. This delightful concoction was an experiment in convenience. Since I had vowed not to get out of my pajamas today, I used only ingredients that were currently in my pantry. I foraged through my kitchen and found Bisquick (don't judge me), some organic sugar, half and half, as well as the remnants of a pint of blueberries. Long story short, I made a thick pancake batter from the Bisquick and poured it into muffin tins, tossed in the juicy blueberries and dusted it all with sugar. VOILA!...delicious muffins. The blueberries plumped up out of the tops, the sugar baked into a crunchy crust, and when I slathered on some butter it became absolutely mouth watering. For a second, I forgot about my 14 hour work days and sore feet. Ahh, the power of food.

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